Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Teaser Special

To celebrate the beginning of a new month, I thought it would be fun to share an excerpt from Maidens Song. This the raw unedited version, a fearful world of grammatical errors and typos. Enjoy :

Mordrid was more than a little apprehensive about the ritual he was about to perform. Nothing like this had ever been attempted before. It had been spoken about many eons ago but no one had ever had the courage or the audacity to allow the taking of a regular mortal and make them into a Guardian; Or so the other Guardians had thought.

He thought back to that time so long ago. The Guardians numbers were falling and the council was getting desperate. One member, Felicia, had suggested that they try to bolster their numbers by “recruiting” mortals. She claimed to have discovered a way to give a mortal powers similar to those that the guardians themselves possessed. What would be created would not be as they were, nor would it still be human; More it would be like a pseudo guardian.

The idea had been vehemently opposed by both himself and Merlin. It was one of the few times the two had agreed on anything albeit for very different reasons. Merlin objected, as he often did, on moral grounds. Mordrid had objected because it would have interfered with his own plans. He also believed that to allow such creature was an affront to what it was to be a guardian. Ironic that he would now be using the very process to further his goals

Still this was not something he had decided on lightly. Not long after her demise Mordrid had stolen Felicia’s journal, her book of shadows. In it’s pages he had discovered that despite the councils decision she had gone ahead with her experiments. There had been many failures, many horrific mistakes made until finally she claimed to have succeeded in creating a hybrid. A creature made from the souls of both human and demon. The trick had been to reinforce the mortals mind enough to be able to take control of the demons power with in the same body. A kind of reverse possession. She had named her creation Chimera.

Unfortunately the process dramatically reduced the Chimera’s lifespan to a matter of weeks. Felicia had intended on extending the creatures lifespan using her own energies. Sadly for her she never got the chance to test out her idea. She, like other guardians before, had fallen into a trap set by Mordrid. It had been Mordrid himself that had dealt the final death blow. He had made her watch as he destroyed her bastard creation. Laughed as she wept for her ‘child’. It had almost been a shame to extinguish her light. Her genius was almost unparalleled amongst the other guardians. Felicia would have made a powerful ally, but as he had told her just before striking the final blow; “Felicia, you have sullied the purity of the guardian name. You must pay the price”

Now things had come full circle. He was to use this very process to defeat the last of the guardians. He didn’t expect his creation to be able to destroy Merlin, just to drain him enough and keep him distracted while he moved ahead with the final phase. Clearing his mind of all doubts and concerns, Mordrid turned to the stone alter and Edward Coles naked form laid out on top. The candles placed around Cole made the normally intimidating man seem small and vulnerable.

Mordrid walked over carrying a small vile of dark red liquid. This concoction would allow Cole’s mind to control the demon spirit that would cohabit his body. So the journal had claimed. Despite her genius, Felicia had been known to mix up important information. The risk was worth it. Once he had his own Chimera, Mordrid would finally be able to claim total victory.

“Edward” he spoke with a commanding tone “For this to work you must have total willingness. There must be no doubts in your mind. Do you give yourself freely?”

“I am yours to command my lord” replied Cole. The eagerness in his voice along with the obviously arousal he was feeling at being given such power was evidence enough.

“Then drink the elixir my friend, drink and prepare to receive the power. The power to rule, the power to dominate, the power to control”

Let me know what you think. I promise I'll take all criticism with grace and dignity (unless your just insulting me...then it's on ;) )

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