Saturday, March 13, 2010

What is #MentionMonday?

Everyone and their dog has a blog these days (Mental note: create blog for the hounds) and it can get pretty hard to find what you are looking for. #MentionMonday is here to help you promote your own blog and get yourself heard over the crowd. Here's how to get involved:

Step 1: To start with you will need a Twitter account. If you don't have one yet, you can create one for free at Go ahead..we can wait.

(Taps shoe and checks watch)

Okay now that you have your account and made some new friends you can get down to business:

Step 2: Now you just need to create a tweet with a link to your blog AND the #MentionMonday tag. For example:

#MentionMonday What is Dead Beat? Find out on my blog @ Pls RT :-)

I like to leave enough characters for people to be able retweet without facing the dreaded (foreboding, echoing voice) "MINUS NUMBERS OF DOOM"

That's basically it.

Now you need to give some of that #MentionMonday love back. Do a search for #MentionMonday in the twitter search bar (or search bar of of any client you may be using) and retweet the mentions of anyone who has mentioned you. In fact retweet any of the mentions that you like.

Remember the more you retweet other #MondayMentions, the more people will retweet yours.

Good luck fellow blogger and if you have any questions DM me @writingstorm or @craftycmc

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