Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dead Beat Characters - Katherine Takayama

Character review number two is finally here. This week I am introducing Katherine Takayama, an officer in the Cyber Security Division of the New Salt Lake PD. Every Sci-Fi needs a computer genius right? Let's meet her:

Officer Katherine Takayama

Kate Takayama is the youngest member of the NSLPD Cyber Security Division. Don't let her age fool you though. Takayama (Kat to her friends) is one of the most skilled members of the CSD. Two years after graduating from the academy she had already made a name for herself by stopping some of the more sophisticated attempts at hacking into the Global Online Directory core system. Despite Kat's obvious geekness, she displays very little of the associated social difficulties. In fact this 5'9" Asian/American genius has a reputation as being a bit of a party animal. Kat prides herself on being not only able to drink most of her male colleagues under the table; But to then get on the table and moonwalk.

In many ways she is the polar opposite of John Ellis (more on him next week by the way). Both however have a reluctance to work with anybody else. When the pair first get partnered up there is an obvious tension between them. Ellis's reasons for not wanted a partner are well known. Takayama's are not so clear and she becomes very defensive/offensive if you try to get an explanation. What secrets is Kat hiding and what is the cause of her single minded obsession with taking down The Clan of The Chosen?

Next week we get too meet the unwitting hero of Dead Beat; Detective John Ellis.


  1. What a great idea - intro your characters on your blog. Cool. Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm glad you like it. I'll be putting up the profile for my reluctant hero this weekend .