Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Public Library - Is it still relevant?

There is a story being run on one of the local news broadcasters about a new program being run by some public libraries. The program allows patrons to pay off late fees by coming into the library, putting butts on seats and "reading off the debt". Personally I think this is a great idea. Anything that encourages people to read more and maybe expand their knowledge is a good thing right?

Well sadly not everyone thinks so. In fact I was a little shocked by the loathing that some people seem to have for public libraries. Now I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised, this is Utah after all. But the resentment that I see towards anything that might help in the education of the future generations is, to be honest, sickening. So the question I have is: How common is this? How do you feel about public libraries? Are they still relevant?

I have set up a poll to try and gauge how people feel (over in the right hand column). Tell your friends and have them vote.

The lose of our public libraries would be devastating to this country and to it's future.

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  1. I think it's great that libraries in the UK are being diversified. They now have the SureSTART book groups for toddlers and children, Rhyme time story and nursery rhymes for babies and silver surfer internet sessions and adult IT training for retired folk, and I'm sure a host of things in between. I really do think this is great. The only downside is that apart from old university libraries, people dont seem to know about libraries as places of peace and more importantly quiet any more. I went to my local library one afternoon to study for a work course exam and it was like free daycare for preteens and teens. I ended up finding a quiet spot in my local pub for a few hours instead!