Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review - Plain Jane by Cristyn West

There is an old saying that states "Blondes have more fun".  They are also more likely to be stalked, abducted and murdered in just about any psychological mystery thriller you watch/read.  For some reason us poor brunettes seem to get looked over when it comes to mentally disturbed maniacs.  Let's face it, that maniac is more likely to be a brunette themselves.  Talk about stereotyping!

Plain Jane, the new mystery thriller from Cristyn West, takes this idea and throws away the blonde.

While I don't normally read a lot of thriller novels, Plain Jane had me hooked from page 1. This is one of those stories that will have you saying "Okay one more chapter" without realizing that it is two in the morning. What sets this apart from others is the level of detail that West has created. Not only do you end up getting into the heads of the protagonists, you then put the book down and start to wonder if they have been looking back at you the whole time. And perhaps still are. Plain Jane is an expertly crafted must read novel, that may just have you looking over your shoulder whenever you step out the door.

I haven't put in much about the storyline simply because this I don't want to risk giving away anything at all.  This is one of those books that you don't just read; You experience it.

Plain Jane can be purchased from or you can download the EBook edition by visiting


  1. Awesome. I have been meaning to pick this up. :)

  2. It's a great read. I'm hoping Cristyn hurries up and gives us more.

  3. This sounds great! I'm due for a thriller read--I'll definitely add this to my list!